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Friday, September 17, 2010

Backdated Entry: Patience Pays (Entry mengarut, but thanks a lot for reading! :D)

No Caption. Motif? 
I wrote this at JPJ Petaling Jaya on 8th of September 2010.

I was in JPJ Petaling Jaya last Wednesday to renew my license after it expired a few months ago (evil kan?). The branch is not really far from my office but I was so packed that I can’t escape even for a while to renew it. Unexpectedly, I had a problem finding the place even after google map it and luckily after a few surf through the same route, I managed to find it by accidentally entered a ticketed parking area at Hotel Singgahsana, got in and made a u-turn back, and a nice  gentleman (who asked my ticket fast so that I don’t have pay the RM3.50 per entry fee) at the ticket fee collector house finally gave me the direction to get to JPJ office.

Once I got there, a man who called himself a ‘runner’ offered to renew my license but with some additional charges of course. He said that the queue inside was too long so if it was ok for me, he could help me to make it faster. But I refused since hey, I can’t simply trust anyone just like that nowadays right?

Ok, I got my number. My number was 1631. And at that moment holder number 1509 was being entertained. Gosh that was a long queue!

But I just entered and had a seat. The wait was not really agonizing with my netbook  together with me. But no wireless signals detected around here. Hence, I wrote this. A long something for me to write. Finally. In the midst of so many people around. Air-conditioned. Seated. But the guy beside me was coughing and producing oh-so-yucky sounds all the time, he made me sick!

Gosh…how I missed my camera right now once number 1556 was being displayed.

Sitting with so many different people around made me feel weird. I can hardly find any girls here. There was a man somewhere in front of me kept on looking back to where I sat and that made me felt funny. Another guy in dark blue shirt, black pants and black shoes were sitting somewhere next to me on my right side with his black netbook on too. And he is kinda cute I guess, hahah!

No no...his gadget is not a netbook. It’s a laptop. A black one.

Ok, enough about him.

The waiting scene seems not really long as the numbers quickly passed, perhaps because many of the number holder might had left the office. And after almost 25 minutes of waiting, the number now was 1580. Nice!

Oh man..the guy with the black lappy was looking at something with Keadilan flag on. Err, is he an opposition party’s member? Oh, his phone is ringing now. Haha. I guess this is how a spy feels when they are on a secret mission.

The netbook detected a wireless signal from Hilton Hotel but it was not connecting. It’s ok. Not many will be on facebook at that moment. And on blogs too. Owh, talking about blog, I guess the flow of active bloggers will be slowed down a bit due to this coming longggg holiday. Since I’m gonna be on limited internet access too, I can foresee that my own blogging activity will become even slower. Errr…do I need a Blackberry now? Hahaha no I don’t think so. I was already on Blackberry shopping before ended up with….ergh!!! Will this guy who sit next to my left side stop shaking his body? I am absolutely disturbed!


40 to go. Wow, that can be considered fast. I guess a runner might charge me quite …owh, his turn! Yeay he’s gone!!!! No more shaky legs next to my seat and I can write as much as I want now. Hahah!!!

Ok, let me tell something about JPJ Petaling Jaya. I knew I saw it from outside the fence after I passed the LRT station but I couldn’t find any entrance. That made me went insane! Until the moment where I accidentally entered Hotel Singgahsana parking and nearly paid RM3.50 (or RM2.50? Sorry I couldn't remember) for a stupidly indicated signage, then only I got the right direction to this office.

Ok, frankly, from the outside this building looked awfully old, not really well maintained, and I almost thought that  this building was unoccupied. And the entrance? More than 1 kilometre from the back of the building.


Can you believe it? But never mind. I am already here (gosh I hate it when I have to switch my grammar usage in between writings. It’s ok, I’ll give it a review then but hey, I know what I am doing ok. It happened when I thought that I want to make it a past story to be published  later but now I think this story might look more interesting if it is being told as a present tense.)

25 to go. Within 40 minutes. Isn’t it great? I guess, patience really pays. I’m thinking that perhaps the fastest that runner can get back to me is within half an hour with perhaps 30% of extra charge. But now, I just sit, wait, open my laptop in an air-conditioned room, have the opportunity to write very long and will have my renewed license done within a few more minutes. Then I can travel around in peace!

Owh, I still have biskut raya to deliver. I delivered to Arin and Fazzi last night. Alhamdulillah the mission is almost completed.

Gosh it’s freezing now. Perhaps rain is falling down heavily outside, who knows. Ok, gtg. The number now is 1623 and it’s moving fast. Daa!!


  1. salam..semoga lesen tersebut tidak menerbangkan tuan punya blog ya

  2. cepat jugak service diorang
    nak compete dgn imigresen kut =)

  3. 'few months'??!!
    renew pun sebab nak balik raya kan???

  4. seb awak tak amik jln ringkas membayar upah pd mereka2 ituew ...

    kalu tak .. xpat la awak hupdate blog ni kan ...

    psst guy with black lappy tu .. abis mcm tu je???

  5. at last u got it dear! sabar tangga kejayaan (masuk x?..heheee)

  6. mmg sabar GB tunggu kan..atleast ada netbook jadi peneman:)..saya nasib baik laa JPJ dekat jer ngan umah n kompleks nya besar..n yg paling penting tak sesak..

  7. sahrom..
    salam. syukurlah lesen kite bukan dari kategori lesen terbang walau masa drive rasa mcm nak terbang juga. :)

  8. h4ni3:
    agak pantas. walau bukan semua kaunter dibuka. maklum masa tu lagi 2 hari nak raya, kalau diikutkan mood kerja dah makin menipis tapi terima kasih byk kat officer jpj PJ tuh.

  9. Scha:
    mamat itu hilang bersama hujan...sebenarnya nombor dia 1630. hihi

  10. izee: kalau tak sabar dah melayang lagi setahun harga renew license agaknye kan? :D

  11. liza: jarak bukan isu kan? yang penting tak sesak dan tak perlu tunggu lama. tapi kalau dah dekat dgn rumah tu dah kira bonus. :)

  12. Macam main nombor ekor plak. Hehehehe.... ada menang jangan lupa belanja sya aaa....

  13. belle: heippp....nak kene babab ni. :p

  14. Sometimes we all need times like these to notice our surroundings, remember things to do, and not get distracted by the internet. See how productive you were :D

  15. jellybelly:
    yup, i guess so. you are so right. imagine if i got internet connected at that moment, most definitely i will not write this entry right?


...kerana komenmu begitu berharga! :D