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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do Not Trust What You See

I love this picture. This is the first thing I see every morning in the office. Why? Simple: Because I set this as my wallpaper. Reason? Because I just love the colours. It cheers up my day every morning, every day. My boss would think that my wedding is around the corner just because of the pictures of newly wedded couples kissing and those rings in the middle of the rose, but I swear it has nothing to do with it. Sometimes, some people do stuff without strongly connected reasons. And I am one of them.


  1. yeah...find one for yourself and cheer up!

  2. like it!!!
    lurve it!!!

    nothing else to say... =)

  3. fid..
    the rings with the rose ..
    huhuhu ..luruh jantung den ...

  4. bile bace tajuk 'don't trust what u see'.. yeah.. very true.. i see it from my view..

    likely, pic merakam moments..diff moments.. tapi tatkala pic itu dilihat2 semula.. pada masa2 yg lain.. moments itu barangkali sudah tiada.. atau semakin pudar..

    jadi 'cerita nya' tetap pada pemilik pic tersebut..

  5. I trust the unsee, tapi dalam masa yang sama, be optimist on what can be seen n real life..


...kerana komenmu begitu berharga! :D