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Friday, October 30, 2009

WANITA BIASA writes about umm….movie? - Episode 1

When I started to write this, none of my intention is to become a movie critic or to publish my article for public reading. In fact, this is merely a personal opinion of an amateur in film industry. This is more about sharing. About the movies I watched and loved, throughout my entire life, so far.

 To be frank, I am not really a movie enthusiast. But I do watch movies every now and then. In the cinemas, dvds, Astro.

I am a bit choosy when it comes to what type of movies to watch. But I do have my personal favourites. I enjoyed good movies and will watch them repeatedly, especially if they are exceptionally good. But sometimes, luck was just not on my side. I have to admit that some of the movies I watched were just rubbish. Crap. Wasted my time and my money.

 So I became selective. Easier on my time and my money.

Since I don’t have (yet) a movie buddy, I always missed, and almost missed the good movies that I wanted to watch. I still remember how some of the movies I watched had effected my life. How some of the movies tickled my creativity and imaginations…and even effected some of my decisions in some matters. And by watching movies, I sometimes even got to realize about some finer and more delicate side of myself.

My style of movie watching: I cry, a lot! So expect me to bring lots of tissues every time I go to cinema. And don’t be surprised if you catch me crying while watching Transformers! My choice would usually go to inspirational movies, fantasy films, and differently original movies. I do appreciate intelligent movies like Forrest Gump and Anak Halal, and Shawshank Redemption, and Cinta. I watched these movies more than twice. Of course, one can say the main reason I watched the abovementioned movies are because of Maya Karin and Tom Hanks and Tim Robbins and Kabir Bhatia. Who doesn’t? But hey, I would never want to watch Duyung again even Maya Karin is in. Got what I mean now?

 In the next episodes, I will share more on what movies I really love which had actually affected my years as a kid, teenager, and a grown up.


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