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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cerita Tentang 10th Friendship Anniversary

Specially Dedicated to my Bestie

15/6/1999, 10 years ago...
We met. Location...Matriculation Centre, International Islamic University Malaysia. We shook hands and became friends on that very first day, without even realised that we were also dorm mates. Time passed by...taaruf week was over, and we were placed in the same arabic class for that semester. Our different attitude made our friendship started and grew. U were so silent, mysterious looking girl, but I was so talkative, like nothing in this world are secrets to me. But we turned the differences to become positively colourful for us. We complement each other's differences and learnt a lot from each other. We hung out together (remember 1Utama and Barn Thai...our fav hangout spot?), had fun, shared our secrets, our ups and downs, even shared the tears together. We met and knew each other's family members and regard them as our own...how sweet! And before the matric ended, we became BESTFRIENDS

Main Campus, Gombak... U were the architect and I was the landscape architect. So guess what bestfriends from two different courses can do? We LEARNT! Until finally U can memorize as much plant scientific names as I did. And how about me working in an architecture firm right after graduated as a Landscape Architecture bachelor? Weird, wasn't it? But if it's not because of U, I don't think that any architect's firm would consider hiring me working with them.

Remember how we went to holidays, bagpacked, and had fun together? And do U remember accompanied me to PD and Ayer Keroh PLKN camp just to help me to complete my Topical Study, without having any idea of what will we face and we just did it instinctively? Plus so many other things that sometimes were stupidly done but we learnt from the mistakes? Until finally we both graduated , got a job, and living in the real life with so much more things to learn. 


So we started our life outside the campus...facing the real world together. Facing the truth of the real world together...remember what we found? Bad people...cheaters...snatch thieves...house breaker...(and i lost my laptop, phone...etc...sedey..) And the best part is, whatever happened, we faced it together. We NEVER leave each other to face any trouble alone. We just can't. But we still RESPECT each other's individuality...privacy...space...life! We just fit each other...perfectly!

15/6/2009...present... 10 years later...U are already happily married. And I am still walking calmly...but deep inside is hoping that someone whom I'll call soulmate will appear and erase my 'single' title. Yes, we have our own life to live on anyway. I am not that talkative anymore...but U talk more than me now. We have career that fits our interests, have a life as we always desired, and own some little precious thing that can make us proud...we are far different than what we were 10 years ago. But one good thing about us still remains unchanged....we are still BESTFRIENDS.. dunia akhirat. InsyaAllah.
Dear Fatin, Happy 10th Friendship Anniversary.
My wish is that our friendship will remains unchanged.
My wish is that our friendship can contribute something to anything...anything! Amin...


  1. Fid dearie,

    Thank you for such a wonderful dedication.
    seyesly, sampai kat 10 years later tuh, da menitik air mata nih... few drops.. sungguh terusik hatiku..

    walaupun mase da berlalu, tp every single moment tuh still fresh.. i still can recall... cos we did it with our hearts.. susah senang, sedey gumbira...sume tuh

    keikhlasan lah yg buat frenship kite kukuh.
    thrs no fake at all..

    'happy 10th year friendship'
    from me, ms fatin ;)

  2. rasa cam nak nangis sekarang jugak! sob..sob...

  3. apsal la baru terjumpa post ni..sangat2 touching.. missed a lot both of you..another belangkas but we are getting apart

  4. u r lucky to have a BFF till jannah. I'm still searching since my chilhood times. I always hope I get a BFF to share all my happy,problem, successoubl and many more. Unfortunately, I have no power to realise it. Friends come to me when they are in trouble and leave me alone when the problem has been solved and they are happy. I think I have 3 BFF but they never think same as me. For them, we are just FRIEND.


...kerana komenmu begitu berharga! :D