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Friday, April 9, 2010

One Is Better Than Two

First of all, let me clarify one thing. I am not talking about myself here. Nor other living and thinking organisms out there. Nothing to do with emotional.

Instead, I am talking about functionality. Practicality. About saving the energy. About being a genuine environmentalist. I am talking about a tiny decision that can make me, at least, a contributing someone to the wellbeing of mother earth. It’s the future I am talking about. Our future kids. Our next generations. Those people who will inherit a little something of what we have now, the earth.

Back to the point, in fact I am thinking of buying a new phone that can fit two sim cards. For years, I’ve been walking around carrying two hand phones because yes, I do have two numbers. But nowadays, I don’t think that it’s practical anymore to have two phones carried around in my handbag. Luckily I always brought that oversized handbag that fits my netbook, wallet, makeups, bla la bla…so two phones are….nothing.

But still, when one battery went flat and the sim card in the living phone was out of credit or barred, I have to swap over those sim cards in those phones. Then…there where all the messes were. Most of the numbers are saved in the phone memory and not in the sim card memory. So I always had trouble searching for my friends numbers when those cards are swapped over. Unfortunately, it always happened while I was driving or whenever I was on the move. Just imagine how clumsy I looked while exchanging those cards in those phones with those batteries and back covers and sim cards scattered all around….all while I was driving!

And things got worse when I don’t even have the charger with me! And even worst when both phones went flat, I felt like carrying two worthless dead chunks in my handbag when they are supposed to get me connected!

Ok, it is about time to make up my mind. Two phones to carry around are consuming my energy for being an idiot bearing extra unnecessary grams. Two phones to charge and consume more energy when I was supposed to save it for the sake of mother earth and my future generations. Two phones need two chargers and in my case, yes I confirmed that I have to bring two different charges because I am an idiot who have two phones of different brands. Gosh…

To conclude, my decision is final. One is better than two. One is much much better than two.

P/S: This is not an excuse for me to buy a new phone even though I have to admit it that I already made my survey and that new phone that can fit two sim cards will be mine next month. Huhuhu.


  1. dah tgk fon Blueberry? leh masuk 2 sim card, ada wifi, 3G apa tah lagi.. cantik mcm Blackberry gak.. yg ritu tgk kat airport warehouse sale tuuuuu.. :)

  2. blueberry tu...dah tgk...dah masuk dlm list pun. mmg cun mcm blackberry. tp ada satu lagi fon in the list. tgk la fon mana nak di grab bulan depan. hihi

  3. salamm fiddeomar,
    please read my latest entry today about your question, thanx sbb sudi singgah keblog haku yg xde apa2 tuh, ;-D

    you wrote:
    Salam tun,
    i love reading your writings every now and then. i guess it would be great if i can be you follower but unfortunately there’s no link to be follower here.

  4. tun lagi terer IT nih. siyes tak reti nak buat, sudahnye i make it favourite je lah. keep on writing tun!

  5. maksud haku, letak dalam blogroll ko 'baca ini juga..' belah kanan bawah tuh, volleee?


  6. wooo....baru paham. adeh! sorry blur. orait will do! thx. ;)

  7. as long as you feel comfortable using one instead of two, just go on.


...kerana komenmu begitu berharga! :D