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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

After One Year

For one year, there are some nice places I didn't go, songs that I don't want to listen, perfume I can't sniff and wear, cars that I can't see, and even clothes and lip balms and some other things that I will not lay my eyes on, even for half a sight of them. I hated those stuff (which I once like).

After one year, I started to sing those songs that I hated, sprayed on the perfume again, wearing those clothes and lip balms again, and looked at those moving cars senselessly.

I moved on finally, successfully.

Now that I already moved on, PLEASE don't make me hate those stuff again.

(I really missed my favorite perfume...so much! I wear it everyday now. ;D)

p/s: This stupidly written and pointless stuff dedicated to someone is a non-sense writing I wrote while I was dizzying putting my feet back on the ground again because of a-cup-of-strong-coffee-after-effect.


  1. whatever it is.. i always luv ur writing.. teh way u put ur words.. ;)

  2. thx fatin for your support. u always make me feel like writing is a great thing to do. :D

  3. how can i say this...after i said i moved on, i made 1 step backward. human being are weird creatures...i think now i am tht weird creature.

  4. yup, I agree with Fatin, Ipersonally love to read your words..


...kerana komenmu begitu berharga! :D