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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Unwanted Proposal

Sunday, 9th of March 2010, 10.00pm, 
Hotel Royale Bintang, 
The Curve

I was patiently waiting for a meeting with a well-known old friend whom last I met was three years ago. The meeting was set to be at that venue because of privacy, and yes, we need a lot amount of privacy to meet up and to talk with each other, because of something very unavoidable.

While I was waiting for the moment he stepped in, I was wondering, why the hell on earth did I sent him the SMS the other day? Hmm...ok....for the sake of catching up stories of each other. There's something big on him happened this lately, and I do have something to update as well. After all, we knew each other, right? So there's perfectly nothing wrong with that, I guess.

But after a few cancelled meetings, I began to realize that this could be a mistake, and started to analyze back the main reason behind all my acts.

Ok, he finally arrived. With a smile on his face, genuine smile I guess. Thank God he recognized me after years..hihi. So we sat down at the lobby and started the ice-breaking session with each other. I tried not to feel awkward, but after a few minutes, i started to feel the awkwardness is overpowering me. He is just way too powerful conversationalist. I was, at most of the time, speechless. That is weird when in most cases, I am the one who control the conversation. But definitely not with this guy.

He talked about everything. About politic, religion, community, the country, career... everything. Sigh...

After almost an hour of conversation with a few distractions from the public, he began to ask me the BIG question.

About ME.

 Then, my nerves started to shake. Damn...when he began to say about something big to make me crack my head until I felt dizzy, my nerves shook to the max. Then all I can do was to just nod and listen quietly, because I swear in the name of God, I was too shocked with what he just said.

 "Please, if there's anything, always give me a call or text me. 
Even up to the extend to...you know. I think I like you. 
So I am ready for anything. 
Even if one day you agree to be my second wife, let me know. 
I will do Istikharah and insyaAllah everything will be ok. 
My first wife is always open for this. 
Allah will let us know what's best for us." 

Wow. And all I can do was...smile. A smile which he described as 'full of confusion and shock'. And he was so damn right.

We ended the meeting that night with a big question mark on top of each other's head. He might probably know my stand by now. I choose not to take the risks of breaking one's heart. InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah...bless me please.....


  1. But still, i regard him as a big brother telling good things to his naive sister. because he said so many big things that i believe, had effected a bit of my point of view in some issues. but i'm not sure whether i want to meet him again or not, even just for a chat.

  2. jemput ke saye pula http://l30gardenshop.blogspot.com

    pelbagai tip dan barangan kesihatan dan kecantikan...

  3. terima je.. hehehe..

  4. ish s-dan ni, igt ni bende main2 ke?

  5. my dear

    i've gone thru all these things.
    be strong ok..tolak dgn baik.
    itu ujian utk kita..insyaAllah.
    there'll be sunshine after the rain.

  6. Mas, itu adalah reaksi aku masa tu (tp dlm hati la). muka pulak taktau nak ckp pucat atau blushed, yg penting time tu aku rasa segala rasa timbul. huhu

    alhamdulillah, skrg aku dah kembali normal. baru reti nak bersyukur bila kehidupan normal kite kembali.

  7. Wow ... i'm speechless Fidde. He was such a strong character. Very impossing. Macam nak take advantage on u. But knowing u, i'm sure u have other things in your mind when u smile at his "unwanted proposal." Not just shock and confusion. U might have make your own judgement on him.

    But i like your ending ... saying that, insyala ... you will try your very best not to break someone's heart ... i'm sure you meant his wife, right? Please dont go breaking peoples' heart Fidde.

    All the best dear. Have a great week.

  8. thx bunga raya. kenapa tak pi berteduh? nanti kene pukul ribut lagi... hihi

    yep, he is very strong. can u imagine, words he said to me kept on repeating in my ears even after a week later? guess i was almost influenced by what he said, but thank god it disappeared finally.

    but one thing for sure, he is dangerously powerful. best option is to avoid him. :)

  9. second wife? Hmm..saya tak tahu nak kata apa..mungkin belum nampak lagi his true color.

  10. ShueQry:
    aiyo...malu la pulak kamu baca entri lama-lama ni. huuu~

    yup, he did propose, but i said no. and i believe that it was the best decision for everyone. :)

  11. uh huh...*tarik nafas*

    suspen bebno ceritanya. hoho..


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