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Friday, March 19, 2010

KENNY (I Hate Him, but I Need Him, and now I Like Him)

Because he always tried to overpower me, interfered in my projects, and tried to change whatever I have done.

Because without him in the office, I have to entertain some unimportant calls and clients which actually supposed to be entertained by him. My knowledge in landscape quotation is still low (especially in hardscape) as well and I STILL need him to quote for my projects. Especially now when he's always not around...he is always sick now.

Because he is one sentimental old guy who loves music, arts, flowers, and dogs. He enjoys singing in the office whenever his favorite old songs played on the radio. But he is not just into oldies; he likes Adam Lambert and Siobhan Magnus too, and that is very cool! I begin to realize that Kenny is a man who is full of love. Now I begin to treat him better and I hope he can stay with us longer.

P/S: When my point of view towards a man CHANGE like this, I hope I am ready for the next step. Am I?

NOTE: Kenny is Senior Project Manager in the company I'm working now. Every now and then, he still annoys me. :)


  1. take your own good time before decided to come to the next level..


  2. mas,
    when i started to realize that i can adapt, then i knew i can change. but before committing to any other BIG things, i will enjoy my good time as always.


  3. Kem,
    next step: marry tu dah betul. tapi Kenny tu salah!


  4. next step ?
    susut la bilangan kelab single kiter nie ...

    congrate .. hope 'kenny' also have same feel ... then u r ready .. ;D

  5. weh!! adakah tulisan aku berbau mengelirukan? OMG! mintak simpang malaikat 44 la aku dgn kenny. NO!!!!!!

    NOTE: Please read (my writing) between the lines. TQ. :D

  6. hahahahahah..KENNY?? nak kawen ngan kenny ker??hihih..tergelak asma baca kak..same with me dulu2..1st time dengar sora kenny, owh baik nyer dia..tp bila da kerja sama2, geram,marah benci..akak sendri tgk asma wat dia cam ner kan..kehkehkeh..jahatnya aku! tp last2 akan kesian dia sbb slalu batuk2..kenny, i am sorry! ;p

  7. hahaha! itu lah asma. akak ni cuma memandang kenny dari sudut positif supaya x benci dia selalu. nanti kite sakit darah tinggi. adoii...lain pulak jadinya. hahahaa!!!!

  8. hahahahha..kenny..kenny...ko mimpi dia x fid?hahha

  9. mr kenny sounds like a cool man. is he an old folk? hehe

  10. kak bai,

    kenny adalah seorang lelaki cina yang sudah tua, dah macam atuk2...in term of design, his ideas are always contrast with mine and dat's why i always stressed out when he is around, interfering my works. Cool? yep, when he's not at work. hahah!

  11. minang je kenny nie..habis cerita hari ini..hahahhaha

  12. tetiba hidung aku rasa tersumbat tak boleh bernafas.

    takpelah mr sebelas...nanti aku tulis cerita pasal engko pulak ye...huu...byk nak tulis ni. yg ko x sangka2 pon ada. miahahah!!!

  13. aku nak tarik balik kata2 aku. aku benci kenny!!!

  14. I've been trough the same situation, ia bila terpaksa get along dengan seseorng yang kita tak selesa.

  15. shueQry:
    tapi pengajarannya adalah...walau seteruk mana pun seseorang tu tetap ada gunanya kan? heheh


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