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Friday, October 30, 2009

WANITA BIASA writes about umm….movie? - Episode 1

When I started to write this, none of my intention is to become a movie critic or to publish my article for public reading. In fact, this is merely a personal opinion of an amateur in film industry. This is more about sharing. About the movies I watched and loved, throughout my entire life, so far.

 To be frank, I am not really a movie enthusiast. But I do watch movies every now and then. In the cinemas, dvds, Astro.

I am a bit choosy when it comes to what type of movies to watch. But I do have my personal favourites. I enjoyed good movies and will watch them repeatedly, especially if they are exceptionally good. But sometimes, luck was just not on my side. I have to admit that some of the movies I watched were just rubbish. Crap. Wasted my time and my money.

 So I became selective. Easier on my time and my money.

Since I don’t have (yet) a movie buddy, I always missed, and almost missed the good movies that I wanted to watch. I still remember how some of the movies I watched had effected my life. How some of the movies tickled my creativity and imaginations…and even effected some of my decisions in some matters. And by watching movies, I sometimes even got to realize about some finer and more delicate side of myself.

My style of movie watching: I cry, a lot! So expect me to bring lots of tissues every time I go to cinema. And don’t be surprised if you catch me crying while watching Transformers! My choice would usually go to inspirational movies, fantasy films, and differently original movies. I do appreciate intelligent movies like Forrest Gump and Anak Halal, and Shawshank Redemption, and Cinta. I watched these movies more than twice. Of course, one can say the main reason I watched the abovementioned movies are because of Maya Karin and Tom Hanks and Tim Robbins and Kabir Bhatia. Who doesn’t? But hey, I would never want to watch Duyung again even Maya Karin is in. Got what I mean now?

 In the next episodes, I will share more on what movies I really love which had actually affected my years as a kid, teenager, and a grown up.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Under Construction

Today I'm feeling a bit 'up'. Feels like just gathered a spirit from somewhere. I woke up early, smiling, and immediately planned of what I supposed to do today. And I managed to make my boss and my clients happy today. As a result, I am back to blogging arena (but after I finished up my works, of course!). Updating the look of my blog make it lost some of it's elements, but it's ok. It's like wrapping my storybook with a new wrapper. But still, it's under construction. Not yet finished. Because blogging is not my job. I'll come back for more. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Selasa, 28 Oktober, 2009
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Mood: Malas

Hari Rabu minggu terakhir bulan oktober. Aku ada kerja, dan aku buat kerja, tapi 90% dari masa itu diselangi dengan Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Friendster, dan mengedit gambar di photoshop. Memang aku tidak boleh dipaksa untuk menyiapkan kerja hari ini. Sesekali apabila radio memainkan lagu kegemaran, aku ikut bernyanyi. Tetapi sebenarnya aku kosong.

Life is to cherish...Not to regret

Approaching 2010, but I still want my 2009 to be my better year.... Because my last year was plain...less meaningful in my real meaning of 'meaningful'. I got stuck in my job, and my love line was stupidly going nowhere. Yeah, I still managed to meet new people and went out for a few dates...but I still felt stupid about it. And even worse, I still can laugh my heart out just to please the fake outer me and the people around me, without even trying my best to express what I really felt and what exactly I wanted to do...again..another stupidity of mine.