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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cerita Tentang Menjadi Wanita Biasa

How can I do these...perfecting my work, and in the same time, struggling to find some time to service my car, because i have to go back to Kedah on Friday night, while in fact I have to work on Saturday, thus i really need to find a great excuse for not coming to work on Saturday because the boss already have two staffs on leave that day and with me joining the group will make the office empty....sigh..... In the same time I have to be a good staff and a good daughter and a good friend but luckily....I don't have to be a good wife yet.

Because everybody expect me to be on my best mood all the time and I don't have the heart to let the real me fly in front of some significant person in my life.

I really have to struggle to be a normal me....


  1. for me.. u re not just an ordinary woman.. u re special.. my best buddy!!

  2. Thx for what you think of me...but walking as a 28 yrs old ordinary woman demands me to act beyond of my capabilities sometimes...

  3. u r a superwoman GBob.

  4. EE! awak baca entry lama saya? malu!!!!

  5. @gadisBunga

    nak hentam org kena tau mcm mana dia,taktik dan kaji asal usul dia...baru pangkah kaw2..hahaha(gelak jahat).

  6. @EE

    sampai tahap kaji asal usul ni dah bikin takut ni. hue hue hue~

  7. OMG !!Where is the 'Older Post' button for me to click hehehehe ...

  8. @Azizan Zolkipli

    hoish!!!! entry lama ni yang dibaca? malu!!!!!

  9. salam kenal..dah follow awak.

    jemput ke blog saya ye?

    MOHD NASER.com


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